DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY-Living A Resurrected Life Journal-Purpose
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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY-Living A Resurrected Life Journal-Purpose

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Welcome to Living A Resurrected Life – a meticulously crafted 30-31 day devotional journal with 131 pages designed with you in mind. Each entry invites you to explore the depths of scripture and connect with your spiritual self through thoughtful devotion and personal reflection. The focus of this journal is PURPOSE. 

One unique feature of this journal is that the entries are neither numbered or dated, giving you the flexibility to start or stop at your convenience in what ever order you choose. Other features include:

📖 Daily Scripture for Inspiration Begin each day with a carefully selected scripture passage. These verses serve as the foundation for your daily journey, illuminating the path to spiritual understanding and personal growth.

🌱 Engaging Devotional Content & Journal Prompts Accompanying each scripture is enriching devotional content, designed to deepen your understanding and connection to the passage. Reflective journal prompts encourage you to explore your thoughts and feelings, forging a personal link between the divine word and your daily life.

🙏 Dedicated Space for Prayer and Gratitude Each journal entry provides a sacred space for your prayers and expressions of gratitude. This section of the journal is your personal sanctuary to communicate with the divine and recognize the blessings in your life.

🎨 Creative Freedom with Space to Doodle Embrace your creativity with dedicated space for doodling and artistic expression. Whether you sketch, scribble, or simply jot down thoughts, this space is a canvas for your inspiration, spurred by the day's scripture and reflections.

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